Sunday, March 22, 2009

It is growing!

Look at my wisteria seed:) It is growing! I can't believe it. I have been wanting a wisteria since I visited Japan a few years back. They call it blue rain, and you see it everywhere. They are used to cover the wind walls on some of the high ways. I was there in the fall so I only saw the leaves, but I can imagine how it would look in the spring. And in one of the temple they measured the old blue rain ever year to see how long the flowers could be. I think the record was two meters!

So we shall see if I can get it to survive a hot sommer on a balcony and a cold winter.... never know unless you try.
I am, otherwise, sick of writing applications and resum├Ęs (it is true, it is a full time job to get a new job), so now I am going to enjoy the spring, with snow, and see if I can find somewhere to walk where I am not knee deep in snow. There might be pictures:)

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