Thursday, March 5, 2009

Too much of everything

I have spent the day finishing the top of the Pride-quilt for my nephew. I should have spent the time sending out applications for a job.... oh well. Not quite a wasted time, I hope
Finishing it, I do see that it is a mishmash of blocks. The only thing that 'keeps it together' is the colours. Can there be too much of everything? Ach, well, I think it looks kind of interesting. And I am happy about the way the Chevy logo (right low corner) falls into the whole mess of it.

When not sewing and send out applications, (guilt, guilt, guilt) I also knit. Three guesses what this will be:) It is a commision from a dear friend, her decisions. She better wear it! Will keep you updated. In the meantime, spring is coming closer. Water is dripping from the roofs, the days are longer and the birds are singing their hearts out! The snow, however, stays.... The amount that has been pouring down on us these last few weeks will take weeks to melt. Maybe we will be able to celebrate May 17th (our constitutional day) with no snow?
My car is not a very big car, but this is how one of the public parking places looked this morning. You know how long it is going to take for it to melt?!?!? Sigh....

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