Monday, April 13, 2009

Roaring in

We have spring in Norway now, at least in this part of the country. It is quite a complicated process to get rid of the enormous amount of snow that has accumulated over the last months. And it happens in different ways. Like yesterday, I stumbled over this little dribble of a waterfall coming down the hillside.
A few feet away, the main river is floating downwards, deceptively quiet and sluggish...

.. until you get further down....

And it all ends in this magnificent waterfall! This river was the main source for the iron foundery of the city, and it is still allowed to go in the old tracks. I find the river and the waterfall fun to follow, all year around. It is always something new to see.
Another sure sign of spring - birds. Ducks in this case. I kept watching these three for a while. Her all quiet and serene, just floating along, and the two guys all circling around her. And I figured; go for it, girl. Why can't you have both of them?! Ah, spring:)

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