Monday, April 6, 2009

Different things in spring

Been a while since I updated this blog, I suddenly realised. I have spent most of the time trying out reversed applique. Interesting technique, but time consuming. My brother has an old MG he has been working on for a long time. He loves that car, and I thought I would make him a quilted logo. So I tried it in reversed applique. Small thing that took a looong time to make. Maybe he will lend me the car this summer? Well, one can dream:)
I have also knitted. Into socks at the moment, long ones. For some reason, it seems to be in this year. However, most of my friends like it a little different. So one of them wants this colourful version.While the other one wants old Norwegian patterns, in different colours than normal. Just started these ones.
This week will be spent machine quilting The Pride quilt for my nephew. Soon done:)

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