Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finishing up the Garden

Been spending time finishing up the top of Heddas Garden. Have to be done by May 10th. Time is rushing. It is getting close, though. The finished top is lying on the floor for me to start basting it.... oh joy. Tomorrow I will start quilting it. This is how it looks like before the last border was put on.
It always amazes me how different it turns out with regards to colours - how the colours react to each other. I was sure it would be less red than this, even with the red corners. Funny:) I hope she will like it. Maybe Hedda and her mom will fight over this one, too, like with the throw I made for her a few birthdays ago. A compliment indeed:) See you soon, Hedda's mom;) Love you, guys!

1 comment:

kahti said...

Oh, so beautiful!!!! I wish I could fight over it too. :-)