Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not quite done

It occurred to me that I haven't really shown anything I have been working on this summer! I have decided to start decreasing my overabundant stash! I am no good at using left overs, never have been. But now the whole thing is threatening to overflow, and I can't really add to it before I have used some of it. So I am challenging myself by making baby quilts from my stash.
So here is my pinkish japanese fabric quilt.
Sunbonnet Sue
Fisherman Fred - the fishing rods will be stitched on later.
A version of one of the DJ blocks.
There will be more, and there will be pictures of these in their doneness:) It is a challenge for me to start with an empty page, but I am starting to enjoy the process. Yet another step on the path of learning to quilt. Good thing we are never quite done with the learning process:)


kahti said...

Oh, so fun. All new quilts. I like them all, they each have unique character and colors. I am especially drawn to the "Dear Jane" baby.

Keep quilting! :-)

Anonymous said...

The Fishermen Freds are great -- I love the subtle variations!