Friday, August 13, 2010

Mitt äventyr i blåbärsskogen

I am dog and house sitting for my aunt and uncle, in a house far into the woods in Sweden, next to one of the largest freshwater lakes in this country. And soooo much forest... Suffice to say I can exhaust even two big puppies by walking around there for hours and hours.
We are having a blueberry year, they are everywhere! Walking around yesterday seeing the sun shine on the blue and green, I started to think of one of my childhood story books: Puttes äventyr i blåbärskogen, which is swedish for Putte (typical swedish nickname) and his adventure in the blueberry forest. The official booktranslation is: Peter in Blueberry Land.

The story is about Putte one day walking into the forest to pick blueberries for his mom for her birthday, but he can not find any! Then suddenly someone taps him on the foot, and adventure ensues. He gets shrunk down to minisize, where bluberries becomes big as trees. He would definintly not have had trouble finding blueberries this year!

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