Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy birthday, Norway

I have done something I haven't done for years - I donned my folkdress and went with some friends downtown Oslo to see the parade, and the king and the queen. For those of you that doesn't have folkdresses - I can tell you it involves a lot of work.
Yesterday it was ironing the linnen shirt and polishing all the silver (and try on the darn thing to see if it still fit!). Then this morning getting up at 7 to get dressed and meet up with my friends. It is not easy to get this thing on my yourself, I can tell.

After watching the parade up to the royal castle, we walked around downtown and ended up on the roof of the new national opera building. It is a strange building.... But as you can see, we had lovely weather. A good day was had by all. And all my freckles has made an apparance:)

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