Thursday, June 16, 2011


These last months back at full-time working, I have worried about not taking photos like I used to. Seems like there never is time enough to drive anywhere interesting, or hike at the right time of the day. Then, today, walking out of something as ordinary as Maxbo (like HomeDepot in the US), I looked up and saw....

The shiny whiteness of the sailboats were like snowflakes on a dark ice! And I realised, it is not about being at the right place so much as actually looking! I haven't really been looking for a long while.

So with Life in Technicolor by Coldplay on my iPod, I walked along the beach for a few minutes, snapped a dozen photos, and just enjoyed.
I love the velvetness of the water just before the wave after another speedboat crashes in on the beach.

And the way the changing of the sun behind the clouds darkens the skies.

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Margaret said...

Beautiful! Yes, I think you're right -- it's a matter of just looking. It must be hard though, working full time and all. (I love Coldplay!)