Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nature in different shapes

Long weekend in Norway - Pentacost. Spent yesterday with family visiting family out in the 'woods' in Sweden. With older parents you always wonder if this will be the last time we can get all of us together like this.
Anyway, got the opportunity to photograph nature. I was fascinted by the 'flatness' of these flowers. No need to press these:)

Rain just ended and left its leftovers on some of the leaves.

And my all-time favourite in early summers, the unfurling ferns. Love the shapes.

Started my own 'nature' shape today - Rock Island Shawl. Never tried knitting lace before. We shall see how it works out:) Oh, and the other nature shape? Spike, visiting for a few days. He and his companion, Buffy, is spending the holiday with me while their mother is off galavanting:) hehe.

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