Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just 8 months late:)

Well, it was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but it did not get started until January, then my arm started acting up and so on and so on. But now it is done!:) A Setesdal sweater for my sister-in-law. With the embroidery and all.
They say this is the antique version. The white at the bottom was the part where they used to stuff it down the trousers and would not bee seen, so they saved the black, more expensive yarn.

The embroidery is on felt. And the hook is pewter.

This is my Setesdal - about ten years or so old. It is of thicker yarn, and shorter, but with more elaborate embroideries. Done it all myself, this one, too:)

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Margaret said...

Wow wow wow! Both sweaters are just gorgeous! I so need you to teach me how to knit with two colors. And the embroidery. So beautiful! I really don't think your SIL will mind it being late. What a lucky person!