Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Basting takes time!!!

Not sure why I thought I could baste Dear Jane in one day.... I am on the second day, and still not done! I forgot all the preparations that needs to be done. Like ironing all the parts.

Did I read somewhere that you are supposed to remove all threadends on the back? Where on earth do you start....?

Then the backing needs to be fastened to the floor, real thight. (It is a lovely blue batik with patterns that looks like old Viking patterns. Seemed to fit:))

Then a very nice wool batting. It is soooo soft!

Then I realised that I had not stitches the end block! So that took the rest of the evening.
This morning I spread the quilt top over and started basting. I am about 1/4 done, and my back is already protesting. Necessary breakes takes time... However, I need to get it done tomorrow, as this big quilt takes up half my living room floor, and the furnitures that are supposed to be here are stuck on the other half. It is quite a feat to get out of the room now. Good to have tangible goals, right? :)


Margaret said...

That's exactly how I baste quilts too!! I always put a pillow on the floor/quilt and just sit on the pillow while I baste. It helps a bit with the ouchiness of the process. Your quilt is absolutely stunning! A real masterpiece! I am in awe of anyone who has finished a Dear Jane quilt top. Wow! Hope the basting goes quickly now that it's all set up and stuff. Good luck! Happy New Year!

Lori said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog so I could see your beautiful DJ quilt! I'm sure by now you are starting to quilt. Hopefully it won't take you aas long as it did me. It is beautiful Lene.