Monday, December 26, 2011

The quiet space of Christmas

In Norway, the days between Christmas eve and New Years eve are viewed as a quiet time. Stores are closed between 24 and 27, among others:) Growing up, I weren't even allowed to knit or sew those first days in Christmas, as it was holy days and we should 'not work'. Thankfully, I don't have to adhere to those rules any more:)

I intend to spend these free, quiet days crafting as much as I can! At the moment I am having a LOTR marathon while appliqueing on my Civil War Bride quilt, interspersed with some light knitting.

Since everybody has unwrapped their gifts by now, I can finally show what I have been working on these last few weeks.
Yup, another pair of skull socks. I mixed a few patterns for this. The receiver hasn't received them yet, but has seen pictures of them. They pass.

For my good friend in the US, I knitted another shawl, this is corral red. Hopes she likes it.

Three ladies all ordered table runners this Christmas. Is there an epidemic? Not easy ones, either, as two of them are in colours I find difficult to work with. But this one is for my niece, who wanted something 'romantic' and shabby chic.

Simple pattern of squares. The quilting made it all go togheter, I think.

My sister-in-law wanted something for spring, lilac, grey, silver, green and so on. Sigh. Again, hard colours for me to use. I found it hard to find a pattern that would even show up with these fabrics, but I tried. For some reason I did not take a picture of this finished! I quilted star patterns on the open spaces, just to make it show at all.
Colours are a little off on this one, but you can see a star:) This one is very long, as she has an old table that can be taken out to seat 20 people....
A friend wanted a table runner in dark blue and purple, to fit on a black table.... Ok... So I decided to make my own interpretation of that:) Turns out she likes it:) Can not ask for more than that.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I will rearrange my living room and start laying out the Dear Jane for it to be basted. A full day spent on my knees bent over the quilt - I can feel my back aching already, not to mention my fingertips. But it has to be done before I can start quilting it! Another goal this Christmas break is to rearrange all my fabric to find new ways of putting them together. Enough to do, but fun work.


Margaret said...

What lovely gifts you made! Wow! You certainly have been busy! Love those socks -- so cool! That's interesting about the quiet days. I'm glad the knitting and sewing restrictions aren't around anymore too! Love LOTR! And my sympathies ahead of time on the basting. Basting always is a painful process, isn't it? I can't wait to see your Dear Jane though!

kahti said...

What an amazing group of photos. I must say, my favorite is the shawl! :) The table runners are wonderful. An epidemic? hahaha!