Friday, December 23, 2011

God jul!

May not have this kind of snowy Christmas this year, but it looks nicer than the foggy thing outside my window at the moment:)
It is little Christmas eve, as we call it here in Norway. Growing up, this was the earliest we decorated the tree. As a grown up, it is the day of relaxing. Off from work, start of a vacation, and this year - my own choice of celebrating:)

I am looking forward to Christmas eve with the rest of the family, and then eight days of doing exactly what I want. Sleeping in, sewing, watching my favourite movies, spending time with friends. Can't wait. It has not been an easy year, and next year will not be easy either. So I need to hoarde some energy this Christmas.

I wish you all the Christmas celebration of your wish:)

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Margaret said...

I hope next year is a better year for you than you are expecting it to be. It seems 2011 has been a rough year on lots of people. I for one am happy to see a new year start. May you have a very happy Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.