Friday, March 30, 2012

About to spring

Spring is here. We have had the warmest March in decades. It's lovely. Of course, Easter break just started, so I guess it will be colder now. Just my luck, as I have ten days off. Oh well, I am planning crafts galore, some home improvements, garden work for my mom and visiting aunt and uncle. Hmm... Sounds a lot in ten days. We shall see:)

Leaving you with the first buds of spring this year. I love looking at them.

So much life bursting out.

And a clear, beautiful blue sky. It seemed impossible spring would come at all this year. Finally!

Oh, and I got me an iPad. 3rd generation, no less! I do love gadgets. Yes, I am a geek, and proud of it;)

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Margaret said...

Enjoy your time off. We've cooled down -- our poor magnolia's blooms were frozen. :( So sad.