Sunday, April 1, 2012

African tea time

You don't choose your family. I have been lucky, I have an aunt and uncle that has been and still are a big part of my life. They are supportive, believe in me and want what is best for me. They are my sanctuary.

They have lived abroad many years, among other in Kenya. She brought back this wonderful tea pot, which has been well used over the years. She is using a knitted and felted tea cosy, that originally started its life as a hat for my uncle. However, his head is not that big. We have spent many times over that tea cosy, laughing. I thought she loved that cosy, but it turned out that she used it because it was the only thing she had. So I figured, I will make her one!

I put things together from many pictures and patterns. I wanted Africa, and all the things she loves about it. Baby elephants and bright flowers,

Baby hippo and colorful birds. I got uncle to remeasure the pot yesterday, afraid it would not fit. It does! I will give it to her next weekend when I visit them.

First finish for this vacation:)

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Margaret said...

Oh my gosh, it's wonderful! What a special gift you have made for your aunt and uncle. So thoughtful and beautiful! They are going to love it!

kahti said...

Your Aunt shall be thrilled! What a sweet gift. :) It is beautiful, and I know, shall be very warm. Just as a good tea cozy should be.