Thursday, December 27, 2012

How I spent November and December

All gifts have now been received, so I can finally share how I spent the last two months. Apart from my job, that is.

A penguin Christmas hanging for my niece.

Two Bridgewater shawls, one for my mom and another one for my SIL.

My goddaughter was born on the second day of Christmas, which here in Norway means 26th of December. This year she turned 18! When do they stop getting older? Sigh. So yesterday I was there for the family celebration. Lovely, as always:) she got her first sewing machine this Christmas. Can't wait to see here creations:)

I had found a lovely Norwegian knitting, Jorid Linvik, and went wild with her mittens.

The text is the snow-song from Winnie the Pooh, in Norwegian.

Angel for an angel:)

I made these for her mom. The moose is the same as we have on out traffic signs, watch out for crossing moose:)

I also made this Leftie scarf for the 18 year old. Yarn bought at Fancy Tiger crafts in Denver. Fun store. Madeleinetosh. Gorgeous yarn.

Colors a little wrong.

This is closer.

So, now it is just three delayed gifts left. No, I am wrong.... Six. Goodness.... I really should start earlier. Or give myself a year off making gifts...

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Margaret said...

Oh but you can't stop! How wonderful that you make your gifts! So so special! I love seeing everything -- everything is just exquisite! You are so talented! The quilt, the scarves -- gorgeous! But those mittens! WOW! Love them!!! The Winnie the Pooh ones just make me smile. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I so enjoyed seeing your lovely work!

kahti said...

I agree with Margaret! You cannot stop. :) Your work is so special, and so beautifully made. We all benefit, even by just enjoying seeing what you have created. You are very prolific! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. xoxox