Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Japanese garden

Here is it finally. My Japanese garden. Japanese because all the fabric is Japanese, and garden because these flowers are normally called my grandmothers garden.

1946 hexagons, all hand sewed together into 247 flowers.

I ended up machine quilting it. It was a big and heavy quilt to drag through my sewing machine, but it was all done for love, and with a lot of love:)

My aunt and uncle have been my reserve parents, giving me all the positive backing and feedback I did not get at home, for various reasons. They were also, and still are, the most fun and adventurous people I know. Being the only one in my family who even wanted to travel, and live, outside our little village, I always felt I was strange and weird. Except with aunt and uncle, who always travelled and had exotic stories to tell.

I hope to be as energetic, lively and adventurous as they are when I turn 70. So this quilt is to celebrate 50 years of marriage, and turning 70 years old in a very young way. Congrats, baron and baroness:)

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Margaret said...

Oh that is so beautiful! Your aunt and uncle sound like very very special people. And how wonderful that they are still active at their ages too! Happy anniversary to them. You have made them a gorgeous, wonderful present. I know they will treasure it! Happy holidays!

Marie said...

Beautiful! What a lot of work, but well worth it.