Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The philosophy of warm toes

I have knitted since I was around 10 years old. It was for a long time the only way I could sit still at any length of time. My mom used to say I had 'flies in my blood' - a Norwegian expression for a child that can not sit still, or stand still or just be still!

Though I knitted sweaters and jackets and skirts and blankets, I never developed a fondness for knitting socks. Strange, as my feet and toes are always, always cold in the winter. One of the reasons I do not go skiing anymore. My mom knitted socks for me as long as she cared to, and then one of my grand aunts, who became a reserve grandma, continued knitting socks to me until she passed away a few years ago.

During one of my visits to Colorado, after having been to one of the knitting stores in Boulder, I realised that sock yarns seems to be more prolific there than what I had ever seen in Norway. Here we got one kind of sock yarn; hefty, sturdy and thick. In three colours; grey, red and blue. Not so in Boulder. It is amazing. So now I buy sock yarn whenever I visit, and knit up socks and socks. This time I found three different colour variations.

Looks good, don't they? I have also started buying books on sock knitting, too, whenever I am there. It fascinates me, the whole sock culture over there.

Another thing that fascinates me, too, is the the fact that I knit all these socks in all these wonderful colourful yarn. And then I give them away. I always end up wearing a pair of grey wool socks with Hello Kitty on them - bought at H&M. Figure it out if you can.

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kahti said...

Need me to knit you a pair of socks you will keep?! Oh, you have cute toes!