Monday, September 15, 2008

Returning to Baby Jane

I did manage to get a few blocks done while on vacation. Appliqueing. I must admit I did I few that I have to redo again - for different reasons. Cutting it too close seems to become a theme with me. Argh.

I revisited a favourite quiltstore in Colorado to replenish my stash for BJ. So many wonderful batiks! Got many, many new colours. Should be good for another couple of.... months?:-)

A 7 Dad's Plaid. A combination of reversed applique and ordinary applique.

B 1 Bachelor's Buttons. Reversed applique.

C9 Jane's Tears. Reversed applique.

D 3 Jason's Jacks. Applique.

E 10 Five and Dime. Applique.

I use freezerpaper for all of these. I have tried using the freezer paper on top of the fabric, using it as a template for sewing under, as that was what I was taught in an applique class I went to once. But .... I have admitted defeat there. I prefer using it on the wrong side of the fabric, folding the fabric around and under it. It gives me sharper edges. Yes, you get the added trouble of removing the paper, and as I hate cutting out the fabric in back (just another of my foibles), I have perfected the art of removing the paper before I sew the last stitches. And it works! :-)

As fall is arriving, my knitting needles are beckoning me. And I am afraid I am going to listen to its siren song for a little time..... but maybe now and then the fabric will call me. I hope so.

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