Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bachelor elephants

Just before we turned back to the lodge on the first evening safari, we came across this little fella.... The park had several herds of elephants, which we unfortunately not came across, but they also had two bachelor elephants that for some reasons or other kept to themselves. One of them was this guy. He wasn't quite sure if he like us coming so close, which you can see by him showing us his full ears. However, he decided we weren't worth chasing, so he kept on grazing.On the evening the next day, we were driving back to the lodge at a pretty good speed when another bachelor elephant suddenly arrived by the side of the road. Instead of stopping, the ranger kept on driving - faster. Behind us we could see the elephant starting to chase us! Ears flapping and trunk waving. The ranger told us that this was the other bachelor elephant, and he was grouchy! Why did he chase us? Because he liked to chase the cars, we were told.

Older, single elephant males would sometimes get incredibly grouchy, for ... obvious... reasons, and the ranger proceeded to tell us that he had once seen such an elephant 'defending' his lake against a tortoise, making himself big and threatening, and sending cascades of water towards the poor animal, telling him in no uncertain terms that the lake was his! What did the tortois do, then? He just kept walking until he got around the elephant and continued into the lake. Size doesn't always matter:)

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