Monday, January 12, 2009

City on the cape

I think Cape Town is one of the more fascinating city I have visited, mostly because of the incredible nature around it. It is spread around Table Mountain but fenced in by the coast on almost all sides. No matter where you are in the city, you look up and see Table Mountain, never knowing if here is a cloud hanging over it or not. It did not seem to matter if the sky was blue, there could still be a little cloud hanging enarmoured around the top.

Stranger than that, this picture is taken from Robben Island, the prisoner island. Heartbreaking view for the prisoners. This is on top of Table Mountain. A wonderful view. I am, however, afraid of heights.... Fortunately the cable cart only takes five minutes up, and it is quite tolerable if you close your eyes:) This place, however..... brr.... but it does prove I made it up there!We took in the sunset up there. You get so turned around at that place, north is not where you think it should be. And even if it is over +20C down in the city, it blows a harsh, cold wind up there. Several people had sunset picnicks up there, but we frail Norwegians found it too cold to stay there very long. And to be honest, with the fog coming in we were terrified we would get stuck having to walk down!:)

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kahti said...

So glad you made it down safely, and are home to cold, cold, cold Norway!