Monday, January 26, 2009


These are socalled white rhinos. However, they are greyish more than white. Dirty white? Nah. Turns out that white rhino has wide (really wide) lips that makes their grazing easier. The black rhino doesn't. The Afrikaan word for wide is wyd, which sounds like white in english... or something like that. Not the first animal to be missnamed because of language.This mother and daughter were quite cute, though:) However, hard to think of that little one as a baby.... she will probably be up towards 3 tonnes before she is an adult!
Did you know that a herd of rhinos are actually called a crash of rhinos? How fitting:) They do kind of crash their way through the forest. This little one finally decided to make his apperance after we had spent an hour looking for him! Water buffalo, one of the 5 big ones. Love the hairdo:)

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