Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ice hot!

Where am I?
Where is everybody? I feel so lonely....
Maybe if I go here....
Here they are! :) These are African Penguin (or Jackass Penguins as their original name was, but I guess that became a little bit embarassing after a while. At least for some of the tourists.) These live on Boulders Beach on the Cape Peninsula. You can find them other places too, like on Robben Island. I just can't get over the fact that there are penguins in Africa! Of all places. I feel they must have originated in Antarctica at one point, and then a few of them decided that it was too cold for them there. Here they have the best of two worlds - whenever it gets too hot on the beach, they can get a nice and ice cold bath.

Smart guys:)

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Tim said...

In your photos, I loved the contrast between the snow (still falling) in Norway, and the penguins, and the sunny beaches of South Africa.

You have really captured some amazing images of the lions, hippos, penguins, elephants, etc.!