Sunday, May 3, 2009

Personality test

I am up to my neck in white dustbunnies and fluff from a batting that is NOT good! My whole apartment is dusty after just two days of machine quilting! Argh. To get into the appropriate zen state of mind needed to finish:) - I went through my pictures from my last weekend in the woods. And I realised that I had a personality test among them:

Taking your dog for a walk, you arrive at a crossing. Which road would you take? This one?
Straight forward, the end of the road clearly in sight. Or this one?
Curvy and bendy, not knowing what is behind the next curve?
I found that walking the straight road, while good enough when accompanied with my aunt and uncle and we could talk and talk, was incredibly booooring when it was just me and Tika. She doesn't hold her end of the conversation very well.
I grew up on a farm next to a big forest and spent my childhood roaming around in them, finding new paths, going off into the darkness... no wonder I am afraid of the dark:)
Conclusion on the personality test? I, for myself, prefer not knowing what is around the corner. Because you never know, do you? It could be a fairy tale castle, or the pond of the water troll:)
So though my stomack is in a twist not knowing what my future is at the moment, I will remind myself of the curvy forest path.
This particular forest path had this at the end of it. Beautiful.
I love spring, the colours of the green. The blueness of the sky. I passed this white stone church on my way, and had to take some pictures.
Look at the stone wall! Amazing workmanship.
I'll be back! in a few days with the final conclusion of Heddas Garden:)

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kahti said...

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...

I too like the curvy, unknown path. Well chosen. No wonder we like to hike together!