Friday, July 17, 2009


Norway, Sweden and Denmark share a lot of commonalities. We share history and language, but differ in small ways. My Norwegian language, bokmål, is a bastardisation (or so they say) of Danish, a result of being a colony of Denmark for 400 years. We were the farmers, they were the culture, education and high society. But.. we have forgiven them:)
One way we differ are church architecture. While many, though not all, of our churches are made from timber, stones and bricks are typical for Denmark. A practical reason, I guess. Norway have a lot of woods, while Denmark... not so much.
This church we found on our way through Fyn. I love the mediveal look of it. Not sure how old it was, but it was magnificent.
You can see the church bell high up there.
The church was built on a slope. Denmark is extremely flat, so you get a tremendeous view whenever you get up a little ways.

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