Friday, July 31, 2009

Can't show much

Not a lot of blogging going on at the moment. I am sorry about that, but my mood is spiraling a little bit too fast sometimes:) Hard to keep the mood up when it is raining almost every single day. Add to that the passing of the nine month 'anniversary' for my unemployment. Jippi....

Rainy days do lend themselves to crafts. Remember me showing you this earlier? I can't show you the whole thing as they are gifts to some blog readers, but here are a little bit of them.
It is called Hardanger. It is an old tradtional Norwegian embroidery, named from the area where they also use it on their bunads, or folkdresses.I love doing the woven bars. It is yet another thing that you can do while watching DVDs. These ones were made while re-watching season three of X-files. The truth is out there....
Having all summer off, I can choose to wait for the sunny days to go outside. Hehehe. Something, I guess.

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