Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cast in bronze

I love statues. The old fashioned 'what you see is what you get' kind of statues. I went to a Swedish garden yesterday, filled with flowers, trees, mansions and! yep! statues. Just look at them!
Look at that little baby and the look in her face.
How they can make something so wonderfully peaceful and poignant with so few lines. I love cats in any shape and colour:)
And the smile on this little one.
Beautiful little girl playing with water:)
And this one - when I first saw it there, placed under a wheeping willow, I was sure it was called Grieving or something. However, it is called 'After the day's work'. Can't you just feel her exhaustion? She is just sitting there, with the last sheaf of wheat still in her hand. Wonderful, and sad, in its own way.
Tomorrow - flowers! And maybe a mansion... we shall see.

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kahti said...

Oh, beautiful statues. I love them too!