Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not idle!

I have just realised that the content of my blog isn't necessarily living up to its name. But I haven't been idle, at all!
I have, among others, been knitting. This is a gift, so I can't show you more at the moment. I spend my time on this when it is not too hot to knit.
I have finished another nine of these. I found the ninth just after I took this picture:) I have another four whole ones to make before I have gotten the size I think I want. I might make it bigger, just need to see how it works out.
And then I have some plans for this! It is flax - flax fabric and flax thread. A nightmare to sew with, truly, but it makes for beautiful embroidery. We shall see.
But this is where most of my hands have been kept non-idle:) I just passed 100 blocks. So 125 left. Getting there, getting there.

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