Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Creatures of the island

More images from Öland, this time the animals I found.

Yup. Camels. Not indigenous to the island, for sure. (Not even found floating on driftwood, if anyone has read 'The Last Continent' by Terry Pratchett.) But somebody had a camelfarm on the island, for some reason. I must admit I temporarily felt I was transferred to a complete different part of the world for a few seconds.

These two, though, are more normal for the latitude. I just love the color. The brown with the blue sky and the green grass. It was dazzling.

This guy did not even deign to look at me! It is, apparently, the same kind of pigs they had there during the iron age? It was a part of the exhibit at a rebuilt castle/fort from the iron age. The pattern and the colour - amazing. The pigs I am used to are either pink or black.
These cows seemed to live at the beach, and who could blame them? They ate seaweed among others. They were quite shiny black, so I guess they were living good:) Such clear colours.

Not sure what fascinated me more - the animals themselves, or their colouring?


Margaret said...

Wow! That's so cool! I love all the animals! And that pig -- from the iron age? Amazing that they still exist!

MaureenTakoma said...

The cows lounging on the beach are wonderful. The central one with the big white stripe is my favorite. Seaweed must be very good for them.

I hope some of the sadness from earlier weeks is eased by your island sojourn.