Monday, August 15, 2011

A slight taste of fall

I dog sat in the deep forest of Sweden again this weekend. After a week of cold rainy weather in Oslo, it was sooo nice to be able to spend a few days in warm sunshine, just walking (and walking) the dogs in the huge forest.
Fall is slightly arriving:) The red color of the cranberries just pop on the white moss. Made it easy to find them.

This were the first real fall colors I have seen this year - a little bit too early. But wonderfully bright with the moss.

Odin and Frøya resting after I wore them out (and we were just half way:)) Beautiful view, right?

Here they are, the little Norse godlings - Odin in front and Frøya in the back. Beautiful chessies, and mostly well behaved, even with me.

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Margaret said...

How pretty! Lovely dogs you were sitting too. And yes, it's too early for fall please! lol! Beautiful though.