Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Perils of the sea

I am back on the island again:) Still pictures left to show. One of the 'sights' on the northern coast where the wreck of a ship from the 1926. The ship crashed on some hidden rocks during a horrible storm the winter.
Fortunately, the whole crew were saved. But the ship were a loss, and during another storm it were pushed onshore. There it has been since then, left to the elements. I actually liked that:) For some reason I like weatherbeaten wood.

The form and colours were just fabolous. The other tourists must have thought me crazy, crawling around taking close-up of the wood:) On the other hand, I did get some great shots of these:
Beautiful spiderweb all over.

Good thing I did not see the inhabitans of the web...

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Margaret said...

Wow, what a cool wreck to explore! Sad to think of it crashing, but at least the crew survived. I agree about the spider webs -- pretty, as long as I don't see the spiders. lol!