Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Softness in spring

So strange that something so hard and dark as a cone, starts its life as something so soft and colourful! I have no idea what this particular tree is called, but it produces a lot of cones during the year. But at this time of the year, in the cold, cold springtime we are having, they are bright dark red and green, and soft:)

Adds colours to a grey day:)

Just wanted to show. They are redoing the old university downtown. And instead of just covering it with grey and boring plastic, they printed it with a simplified rendition of how the front looks! Makes it nice for the tourists visiting, and for us that have to pass it everyday. Kudos to the designer, great idea!

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Margaret said...

Oooh, love those cone flowers! And how clever of the university designers! Love it!