Friday, April 20, 2012

A place fit for a king

I went for a fabric run today, and decided to find a special beach I had read about. A beach filled with rounded stones. Even in the cold weather and grey light, the beach was wonderful.

What I did not know, was that there were burial mounds from the Viking era there, too! They had kept through time, storms and human interference.

They would bury their kings (bosses of smaller areas) in burial mounds like these, making sure, if possible, to give them a beautiful view for the eternity.

I think this guy lucked out on the view. I am still not quite sure why movies show Viking burials being boats on fire... In this country they buried them, usually in their ships, under ground... Good thing, too, or we would not know what the ships looked like:)

This place was amazing, though. I am not a geologist, nor particularly interested in what they are called. I just love the shapes and the colurs. I know I have to return there in the winter, one of those cold, sunny days. Or in a full nor'easter:)

You can see where the sea lies - how many thousands of years has it taken for the sea to form this one?

There is no problem seeing which way the winds are blowing on this beach!

And, yes, I did get fabric, too. For a girl on her confirmation in May. Need to start to get it done in time. It is being washed as I blog. Cutting is on the agenda for tomorrow.

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Margaret said...

What a beautiful place that is. I didn't know Vikings used burial mounds as well. I knew about them in Great Britain. How cool that they were buried with their ships too. Thanks for showing us the beautiful scenery. Those rocks are just so cool!

kahti said...

So beautiful and haunting... I think I need some of those stones to create into pendants. Can we go there?