Monday, May 11, 2009


Seeing how the trees and flowers are exploding outside these days, I am sooo happy I am not allergic to pollen of any sorts. I just react to certain strong smells, like Lilly of the valley and Lilacs. The first one is no problem, the second is a huge one as that particular sort of trees are all in abundance around here I live. A week or so with closed windows. Oh well.

I went for a walk today and found this explosion of flowers. I have no idea what it is, but it fascinated me.
Look how the flowers are crowding the branch! Amazing how they all fit.
Back at the farm, I have now found back some old UFO's and considering their worthiness of being finished. I started sewing together some of my blocks in english paperpiecing that I had done. I was once thinking about making it into a quilt for my own sofa. As I have not yet made myself a quilt.... I am using all the Japanese fabrics I got for my sister-in-laws quilt last May. I may actually finish this one, one time...

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