Sunday, May 17, 2009

Norge, mitt Norge

I guess everyone loves their own flag:) For me, the Norwegian flag goes perfectly with the colour of nature in spring. Today is our Constitutional Day, and everyone is celebrating, except me. I have a bad cold and am spending the day on the couch, watching old 60's english crime on DVD. Oh joy...

May 17th 1814 was the date our forefathers signed the constitution. Our independence did not last long, as we soon afterwards were forced to enter into a union with Sweden (this after having been under Danish rule for hundreds of years). Norway is actually a very young state, we celebrated our 100 years in 2005.

May 17th is a very big day here, with children being the center of attention. We all have the day off, all schools have big children's parades and all the icecream and soda they can eat. It was not a perfect May 17th unless you were sick from eating too much icecream. So contrary to other countries - no armies, no state officials and no politics (usually:))

So no matter how the weather is, we are all outside most of the day. Last year in Oslo it was cold and almost snowy, today it is a beautiful summer day outside.

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kahti said...

So sorry you were sick. I agree the the flag colors go very well with Spring!