Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spiraling up

Beautiful weather today, and I was literally sick of being inside, so me and a friend took a local sightseeing trip, playing tourists at home. In the neighbouring city, Drammen, they have a spiraling tunnel inside one of the mountain. 3,65 meters high and 9 meters wide it winds in 11 loops up 200 meter above sea level. It was originally started as a quarry to get stones to make roads in Drammen, and then in 1961 it was opened for the public. It is beautiful up there:)

You can see far both ways.

Down in the city they have recently redone a huge area over the river, and built this beautiful walk bridge over it.
Back on the farm - hehe - this is how nine flowers look like before the hexagons are sewn together. I am getting there:)

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