Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little house in the woods

I spent yesterday on the back of a big motorcycle, a mixture of spinetingling joy and small golden flecks of danger. It is actually pure insanity. Trusting someone to drive around 150 km/h on two wheels where you are only protected by a few bits of leather and some strategically placed bits of hard plastic here and there. Oh, and a helmet, of course. Perfect use of a day:)

We drove on small, windy roads on the other side of the border (Sweden), and came over a small farm that had been abondoned for a while. There is such a strange sense of beauty and loss in houses falling down. Peeking out from behind the trees.... Come in, come in, I dare you:) When I see houses like this, I am thorn between the wish to restore it or to let nature reclaim it. I love the colour and texture of the worn out planks in the walls.
Wonder when this was last used:)

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kahti said...

Oh, how beautiful! Did you go in the house? :)