Saturday, August 1, 2009

Water lilies and ghosts

Went for a walk in the woods today. Whenever I pass this lake I am struck by how much it looks like 'de dødes tjern' from the movie. Tell me it doesn't look like the same one! Imagine it in the dark, with little wisps of fog coming up... in black and white.
De Dødes Tjern, or the lake of the dead, was a movie made from a book back in the old days, when they still did black and white. It was a psychological thriller about a ghost turning a man into a copy of his own mad self and not leaving until it killed off two people and the one possessed. Allegedly. I remember seeing it when I was a kid, and it scared the living daylight out of me!

I don't know what made it scarier, the black and white calmness of the forest lake, the thought of what hides down there, or the ghost with a wooden leg and a black crow with just one leg! Probably would not make such an impression today, but it did then! I do NOT go swimming in forests lakes! You never know what is down there, dragging you down down down....
There were water lilies in the lake, too, and though those play a role in the movie, it reminds me more of a childhood memory. I have a seven year older brother, my only sibling. With such an age gap and with lots of other kids in our own age range roaming around the farms, we did not spend a lot of time playing together. He played pranks on me which taught me to run and dodge - fast! I was the best in my class in dodge ball. I, on my side, would sneak into his room and play his music on his stereo, the only one in the house for a long time, and mess about with his stuff. Not sure if he ever knew that:)

But we both grew out of being obnoxious pests and can even have civilised conversations with each other these days:) Actually, I enjoy our conversations. He has, as I do, a very broad specter of interests.

Anyway, one happy childhood memory is from one of our summer trips up north to visit family. We spent a day on a cabin by a lake filled with water lillies, and my brother and my cousin spent the day rowing around and picking me a huge bouquet of water lilies.
So what if it was an excuse to use the boat for the day? It is a happy memory for me:)

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