Friday, June 26, 2009

Old houses of different sorts

We have summer! Yay:) As I am not made for lying still out in the sun, I spent yesterday at the open air museum in Oslo, killing two flies in one swat. In English you say 'two birds with one stone'. Never made sense to me, more likely to kill flies with a swat than birds with a stone, right? Anwyay:)

I love the old houses there. They all look different through the seasons. In the summer some of the houses have a full flower meadow on the roof!
This summer they opened another little house on the exhibit - a 'little house' on two floors! I have never seen a two story outhouse before! It makes sense, I guess, since it was made for a five floor apartment building in Oslo.
With some luck you would never have to stand in line, I guess:)

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