Monday, August 24, 2009

Don't like!

I don't like mushrooms! I am not talking about eating, though. I don't like seeing mushrooms popping up when I walk in the forest. They are the first sign of fall. Unfortunately.

I mean, I like fall. I am a Libra, after all:) It is just that winter comes on the heel of fall. I am not cherishing the thought of winter again. Sigh.

But liking or don't liking them as signs of future coldness aside, I came over this one earlier today. I hadn't seen these for awhile. We call them 'fly mushrooms' for some reasons. For me they will always be a fairytale mushroom. You kind of expect a chimney to pop up from the roof:) Here is another sign of fall. There is always one that is earlier than the others, like they have to prove something to the others.
Our neighboors at home had a row of birches in front of their houses. One would always be the first one to turn green in the spring, giving us hope and dreams of another summer to come. However, the same one would be the first one to turn yellow - bringing with it the melancholy of fall. You would think it could have at least tried! to stay green another few weeks?! But no.
Oh well. Fall is craft time:) Here's a sneak peak of what I am working on at the moment.

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Kay said...

Ah yes, fall tweaks the heartstrings a bit. The only bright spot about fall approaching is the anticipation of an annual visit from Lene!!! Thank you for bringing joy to the season.
See you soon~~Kay