Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let sleeping cats lie

I am cat sitting again. This time for Tommy. He is an older cat who spends his days sleeping, and his nights sleeping. I swear I get tired just by looking at him. This is his favourite place if I am on the couch.
And this is his favourite place if I am somewhere else.
When he wakes up to change positions, I feel like quoting the famous line from the old Frankestein movie: 'It's alive!' I swear I have never seen a cat sleep this much. That is, until I am sitting at my work table with any kind of paper.
Then he streeetches himself all over my paper and can't understand why I keep shoving him away! 'How would you not want to pet me when I am lying here in all my splendour?'
'You are just here for my amusement. No work, just play!'
Hard to get anything done with his claws deep into my writing arm.....

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