Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Candles for Christmas

I visited a very nice candle factory a little while ago. It is based in an old aquavit factory - now it makes candles. Not sure the connection between alcohol and candles.... but anyway:) The front gives us the history, as I think this is actually the formula for the aquavit.

The whole building consists of candles in absolutely every shape you can imagine! A lot of emphasis on Christmas at the moment, but a lot of other stuff too. Amazing!

They had made theme rooms. Like this 'ice' cave with just white candles in every shape and form, with angels, polar bears, snowcones and snow flakes. I find it good that they had lighted so many of them, because it made you see that they are even better lighted than not. If you are like me, I tend to not light novelty candles as it feels like ruining them. But they are actually made to be lighted. Look at this angels. 

There where whole rooms with table settings for suggestions of creativity, a lot of different decorated christmas trees and rooms with different themes and colours.

In the second part of the house they had set up different craft and gift stores.  At the end they had a small eating area that was decorated so as to make it look like  you were sitting in an old city back yard. I particularly liked the clothes lines:) Got to admire the drawers. Good thing we don't have to use that kind of yardage anymore.... although in this cold weather it would probably been a good thing. Brrr....

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kahti said...

Oh, what a beautiful shop. Thank you for sharing.