Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Winter and Christmas

Two posts in a day:) I just had to say that eventhough my personal life isn't exactly roses at the moment, I have to say that I do enjoy it being pre-Christmas. For me Christmas is from the first Sunday in Advent until Christmas eve. The preparations and the lights. We need them here, where the sun now goes down around 3 pm. Short, dark days. But we do have Christmas lights! My neighbour has the blinking kind of thing that makes my head ache, but I can live with that. The rest of them have the more estethically pleasing lights.

And even if I do not like snow (cold, cold, cold) it has to be snow for Christmas. This picture was taken at 3 pm today, as the sun is setting. Until Christmas the days will just get shorter and shorter and shorter.... oh well.... It is Christmas:) And on the second day of Christmas I am off to South Africa and Cape Town! Rock on!

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