Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Old things interest me, and I just wanted to share two christmas cards I found in a card collector I inherited from one of my uncles a few years ago. These are cards my grandmother received as a young girl and a woman. They are quite similar, but there is a span of 15 years between these. This one is from 1917!

while this is from 1932.

As most of the countries up north in Europe, we celebrate Christmas eve, and not Christmas day. There is something unnatural about opening presents during daylight... At 5 pm all the church bells in Norway tolls for a full hour, bringing in the holidays. We eat a big dinner, lots of sweets and then open up all the presents. The rest of the evening/night is spent eating and drinking. I am stuffed....

Merry Christmas all. I am off on my African trip in a day or so. Oh joy:-)

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