Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas star

One of the most common christmas flower in Norway is the poinsetta, or Christmas star as it is called here. Ten years or so we could only get puny, little versions of them - and they cost a bundle! Today we get lush, big ones that cost slightly less. I love them. For me, they spell Christmas, and I always have trouble when visiting countries where they are a part of the local flora. They just do not belong to summer and sunshine. Strange what pictures we make and hold on to.

Anyway, I wanted to make a quick gift for my sister-in-law, as I had a lot of christmas fabrics left.
I saw an idea here and snagged a thought there, made a simple table runner and found an applique of poinsettas in a book of the creator of this fabric, Nancy Halvorsen. The book is called Peppermint and Holly Berries from Art to Heart. I just have to machine quilt it, and then machine quilt another one and knit a pair of socks and a pair of gloves and.... well, good thing I don't have work to go to:)

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