Thursday, December 11, 2008

Continuing in the cold....

Still wandering in the cold in the fortified city down east...

This is the oldest house in the whole fortified city, even if it is from the 1671, I think. The first part of the fort were of timber, and burnt down during several of the big fires over the year. This one is bricks!

This one shows the incredible thickness of the walls! These days they have glass in the window slots, but in the old days there would just be holes. I love the metal 'doors' on the windows. I forgot to take a picture of the door, it is so tiny and has the same kind of metal doors, too:)

Though parts of the fort have brick walls around it, most of it is surrounded by what looks like huge mounds of dirt. This is one of the walkways through the 'walls', you can see the frozen moat through the gate. The masonry inside is amazing, like a small old stone cathedral! Too bad it was too dark in there to get a good picture of it.

Oh, and as in all old places - placed on the city square across from the church..... Although in the kind of cold winter weather I would think just being outside would be punishment enough!

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