Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Too much....

I just learnt that my current applications for jobs did not go through - sigh - it is winter and it snowed yesterday - double sigh - and I have been so lax in my exercise routine that my arms are now aching from too much sewing and knitting - triple sigh. I have enough time to exercise, so I have no excuse, apart from the fact that at this time in my life sewing has taken the place of exercise as therapeutic. So I hate having to spend time on it! But I have to, I have to. I will, I will, I promise.

Here's the last batch of babies:)

H 1 - Peek-a-boo. Actually not that difficult. Hideous colour, though. What on earth made me bring pink into this?!

D 1 - Alison's Guiding Light - strangely not that difficult. Maybe just sheer luck.

D 10 - Battlefield. Aptly named! Those small white corners are miniscules. Remember the block is just 4 inches big! I finished it at 1 am. Stupid to start a block late at night!

D 5 - Cathedral Window. Slightly crooked. I might redo parts of it.

D 9 - Uncle Richard. Again, what is with the names? Had some problems with this one.

F 4 - Old Windmill. Not sure about the lines of this one. Might redo a few seams.

Managed two triangles, too! This one looks crocked, but it isn't, really! I promise! TR- 4, Bennington Cross.

TR 3, Checkerboard.

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