Saturday, June 13, 2009


I am into my Dear Jane copy these days. Jane Stickle who made this masterpiece in 1863 sat and waited for loved ones coming home safely from the civil war. She made a quilt that consists of 225 different blocks, 4,5" x 4,5". That is 11,5 cm x 11,5 cm, for those on the metric system. I spend hours on one block with the benefit of hundreds before me paving the way for the easiest way to do them. She made them all from scratch, designed all the blocks herself. She even at that time managed to use different fabrics in each and everyone of them.

I am in awe. And I wonder if she ever made another quilt again. Or did the quilting while waiting for a difficult time to pass make it harder to enjoy the craft again? I hope not. She wrote 'In war time 1868' on one of the corner blocks- such a wealth of meaning in a few words on an exceptional quilt.

Waiting is hard. There is a lot of empty spaces in waiting for things you only have partly control over. So in between application writing, replies coming and for companies to understand what an incredible catch I would be for them:), I delve into the world of Jane Stickle.

I have spent most of today with all the paperwork for this quilt. You have to keep good records to not mess with the color structure and to make sure you don't miss out on any of the 225. If you can stand seeing all the blocks I have made since the last time, there is a progress chart at the end:) Good hunting:)

A2 - One - Two, Buckle my shoe. A redone. I made it in the wrong colour the first time. Hereby the need for paperwork:)
A10 - Which points west? Totally handsewn, man! No machine sewing on this one. Deed of necessity.

A13 - Starlight - Starbright. Cute one:)
B2 - Sweet Tater Pie. I am getting these circles pretty good now, I think.
B5 - Hot Cross Buns. Does anyone remember Jane Fonda's exercise tapes and her 'Hot cross buns'? hehe
B7 - World Series. See, circles again. Almost perfect:)
D6 -Challenge. Another redo.... wrong colour.
E8 - Mama's Maze
Triangles! There are 52 of these, and nightmares all of them... I have decided to make a few every week or I will be left with just these at the end! This one is RS (Right Side) nr. 4, Dutch Apron. Don't ask me, I did not name these blocks. Neither did Jane...
And here they are, all 76 of them. 176 to go. I got my Diamond award - for the 75th, yesterday. Next one is Jubilee Award for the 1ooth block. In the end I will get my Goddess Award and a complete Dear Jane copy - my Babysteps to Happiness. Then it is just the quilting left... so.. another year or so? Good to have plans:)

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kahti said...

All just amazing! Keep going!!!!