Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Removing cobwebs

Discussing depression and lethargy with a friend earlier, she told me I should get out of the house. 'You just never know who you will meet and see,' she told me. So I squared my shoulders and went for a walk today, telling myself it was NOT exercise, just movements:)

And do you know, she was right. You never know who you will meet. These weren't that strange, since it is farm country around here. However, they look sooo comfortable and content. Look at the colour of them. How beautiful.
The biggest suprise, however, was the next meeting. Just five minutes down the road, I looked up the hill and there he was - the king of the forest.
Well, age wise I guess he is more the prince... probably been thrown out by his mother this spring and looking for company. They are sooo big! Unfortunately, my road went towards him before it turned right. So.... do I continue? We stood looking at each other for a while, his ears flicking back and forth. I started forward, casually, and he, just as casually, went off stage to the left and decided to look at me from out behind a tree while I went past him, with metres and metres of meadows between us.

So I guess that is why this sign has been up by that road for a long time. First time I have ever seen moose there.
The rest of the walk was spent in wonderment of how nature takes cares of itself, even close to a big road and constant traffic. And enjoying the flowers of my childhood. These are some of the ones we used to pick for midsummer and put under our pillows. The tradition says to pick seven different flowers and sleep with them under your pillow to dream of your future husband. I think I'll just enjoy them in nature:)
This is called Mary's shoes, I think.
We call these priest collars Prestekrage.
Not sure what these are, but love the colour.
I think these are called Dog biscuits - Hundekjeks. No idea why...
Another purple one.

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kahti said...

You need three more flower pictures, to complete a full variety of seven. You still have a few days until midsummer, so you should have time. What a wonderful walk. I like who you found while out and about. :-) He was such a cute, shy boy.